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CS Zero Trust™

Establishing the trusted identity of a person should no longer be based upon a human knowing many user-names and passwords. Instead, a combination of an individual person's biometric factors and real-time dynamic proximity should automatically trigger any allowed/nearby physical or cyber privileges. This new CS authentication paradigm is not only providing for greater security and user convenience in both secure cloud and legacy systems, it is also already being used by CS partner companies to help protect their systems and employee workforces from cyber and ransomeware attacks as well as their company physical assets and facility locations.

To see how this new CS Authentication Architecture works please contact us via the link on this page.

Collaboration Networks®

CollaborationStudios provides private, secure, customizable cloud-based desktops called Collaboration Networks®. Each collaboration network comes complete with a suite of fully integrated components for file storage and sharing, email and messaging, contact management (CRM), work-flow management, document and process collaboration, and more. Since each collaboration network is highly customizable, they can solve many of the emerging problems faced by small and large corporations alike. These problems include keeping information private while fascilitating easy access to information to those individuals who should have access, and enabling collaboration without sacrificing privacy or security. Think of a collaboration network as your own, private, secure space within the public, global, insecure Internet. We give you the tools and a protected space in the cloud enabling you to leverage the power of the Internet — safely, securely, and in a manner tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Collaboration Networks® are hosted on dedicated, regulatory-compliant servers running in a secure data-center that is monitored 24/7. You and your network members access your collaboration network through a common Internet browser; no special hardware or software is required. All data between your browser and our servers is fully encrypted, giving your information the same protection that on-line credit card transactions receive.


CS-SecureClientPortals™ provide businesses and professional organizations that have purchased a collaboration network the ability to refine a desktop environment for use by a smaller, targeted audience, such as their client base. CS-SecureClientPortals™ are often used by companies that wish to integrate CS services into their own public website, enabling their clients, for example, to upload or retrieve confidential files quickly and securely or to e-sign a document in a couple of keystrokes and with little-to-no hand-holding.

Using a collaboration portal is as simple as installing a pre-configured clickable "button" on a public or private website. Clients click on this button, they supply their credentials (username and passcode), and they are then taken to a desktop that has been pre-configured specifically for their use. An attorney, for example, could place a collaboration portal button within the "Client Login" area on his or her public website. Clients who needed to send the attorney information would go to that location, click on the button, and easily and securely upload their documents. This information would go directly into the CS cabinet that the attorney has set up for them. The access button and the overall collaboration portal environment can be customized to include the same logo and colors of the attorney's website allowing the experience of the client to be more seamless.

Collaboration Cabinets®

Collaboration Cabinets® are the CS equivalent of a standard and familiar desktop cabinet that is used to organize folders and files. But they contain additional attributes and controls that provide the necessary security and flexibility to meet the needs of storing data in the cloud. Each collaboration cabinet can be made public (shared to other collaboration network members), shared to specific individuals or groups, or be kept entirely private. Collaboration Cabinets® also provide an encryption option; all files uploaded into this type of cabinet are encrypted on-the-fly and stored only in their encrypted form.

CS Smart Folders™

CS Smart Folders™ are made up of three powerful workflow functions that have been tightly integrated into the CS desktop:

1. CS-FolderWatch™ solves the problem of needing to know when some action or task has been completed before you can proceed to the next step in a project. CS-FolderWatch™ enables you to select one or more common operations to monitor (such as someone viewing a file or uploading a new file) and it sends you an alert when one of those monitored actions has taken place. For example, you may be waiting for a client to upload a document before work can proceed on their job. A CS-FolderWatch™ can be used to notify you as soon as that document has become available. A CS-FolderWatch™ can also be configured to trigger more than alerts; they can automate processes (any number of configurable events, such as creating a cabinet or activating a new account) to occur when a watched operation has happened.

2. CS-FolderShare™ solves the problem of needing to securely exchange information with individuals who are not part of your collaboration network. You click a button, enter the invididual's email address, and that person receives an encrypted link in their email that provides a highly restricted, time-limited guest access to the one folder area you want them to see. They can then retrieve the files that are stored there and, optionally, upload new files securely to that folder.

3. CS-FolderAPI™ solves the problem of communicating instructions and transferring files to your collaboration network from another computer system through a simple-to-use, predefined file format. This computer-to-computer file exchange simplifies the process of exchanging large amounts of data. It also enables you to pre-program the automatic transfer of files that are created on one of your computer systems to a predefined folder in your collaboration network, thereby eliminating the need to manually upload such files.

CS-PRO Services Matching™

CS-PRO Services Matching™ consist of two interconnected components. One component is a marketplace where service providers (such as a lawyer or accountant) can be matched with individuals requesting some service (such as representation for a house sale closing or preparation of tax returns). The other component is a CS workspace where the service provider and the work requester can securely and privatly share cabinets, folder, and files, exchange messages, and track the progress of the work. This workspace is another type of CS desktop. Both provider and requester see exactly the same desktop, and that desktop is unique to their relationship.

CS SecureSign™

CollaborationStudios has developed a simple-to-use electonic signature software suite called CS SecureSign™. With CS SecureSign™, you can take virtually any standard PDF file and turn it into a fully compliant electronically signable document. Special features of CS SecureSign™ include the ability to create credential files that attach to the signed document for additional verification, including an image of your signature in the signed document, creating a multi-signature document and recording the progress of acquiring all necessary signatures, and the automatic creation of a final, locked PDF portfolio that contains the signed document along with a coversheet, credential files, and all other supporting documentation related to the signing.

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