About Us

CollaborationStudios was formed in April 2004 as a joint business venture between Granville Management Inc. and HyperMedia Design Inc. In 2006, Collaborationstudios.com, LLC was formally incorporated in Maine as a limited liability corporation. In 2009, the company was reorganized when Ironbound Technologies Inc. became a member of the organization.

CollaborationStudios believes in the "virtual corporation" business model. This structure enables us to reduce capital costs and provides us with the flexibility to respond rapidly to changing business opportunities. We use the same cloud-computing technology that we developed for our clients to collaborate with our business partners located throughout the United States.

The Management Team

Sean Kelley

Sean P. Kelley

Sean P. Kelley - Chairman & C.E.O of CollaborationStudios.com, LLC

Sean Kelley is also currently the President of GMI and a globally recognized Banking Operations & Risk Management Consultant. Previously, Mr. Kelley was the Executive Vice President of Wall Street Systems Inc. (WSS) and General Manager of WSS Europe & Asia Operations. Prior to that Mr. Kelley was Vice President of Numerica Financial Corp. & President of Numerica Financial Services Inc. Mr. Kelley has a BS in Resources Economics from UNH and is a distinguished Member of the Institute of Risk Management In London UK.

Jonathan R. Okin - Chief Technology Officer of CollaborationStudios.com, LLC

Jonathan R. Okin

Jonathan R. Okin

Jonathan Okin is also currently President of Ironbound Technologies Inc., an Internet consulting firm that specializes in systems engineering. Previously, Jonathan was Senior Director of Software Engineering and Development at Linkshare Corporation in New York City and, prior to Linkshare, he worked for fifteen years as an independent technology consultant for clients that included AT&T Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, Unix International, and the Open Software Foundation.

Richard Fleming - Founding Partner of CollaborationStudios.com, LLC

Richard Fleming

Richard Fleming

Richard Fleming is founding partner and board member of Collaboration Studios. Mr. Fleming has worked in the data processing industry since the early 70s. He spent most of his career at AT&T Bell Laboratories working in the area of systems integration and computer performance analysis. As an AT&T Visiting Professor he taught courses in computer science at The City College of New York and a number of other schools. After leaving Bell Labs, Mr. Fleming became Director of Computing and Instructional Technology at the University of Maine in Orono. In 1994, Mr. Fleming formed HyperMedia, one of the first ISPs in Maine. Richard holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science.

Contact us to learn more about what a CollaborationStudios network can do for your business. And inquire about our Parner Programs. We offer a number of Partner Programs to organizations and individuals interested in distributing our systems.